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June 2011 FAIL compilation

The latest TwistedNederland scrotum puckering FAIL fest.

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Killer toys by Coarse.

Coarse toys have some amazing designs, they are mostly macabre and completely ingenious.

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That’s right.

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An epic journey through Morocco on Longboards.

Adam Colton, Paul Kent, and Aaron Enevoldsen trek across Morocco with flags as kites. The country seemed to be the first choice as it is paved, culturally rich, and safe for tourists. They soon find out what the real struggle is… each other.

In the attempt to circle the entire country by longboard, they lose their minds and go completely insane.

Check out a sneak peek of the hilarity and madness that ensues.

‘The Matrix’ Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack

A capella takes on music are usually awesome, this is the first a capella action scene I’ve seen and it’s fucking classic!

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The greatest impersonations ever, by Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey does pitch-perfect impersonations of Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Christopher Walken, Clint Eastwood and Jack Lemmon, to name a few.

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Going to America? Never fly Delta Airlines.

This poor chap had a fabulous time with Delta Airlines. His composure is something to be admired, I would have been f’ing and blinding the entire way through the video.

Lets hope he posts a follow up.

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Danny MacAskill Plays Cape Town

Don’t you love it when people actually listen to public demand? Danny MacAskill’s crew did just that and have released this full video from their internet episodes of his trip to Cape Town.

Beyond his amazing skill, it’s awesome to see our beautiful city and some of it’s more famous landmarks in something other than a blockbuster or TV commercial.

Watch and enjoy!

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Welcome to the Cello.

Allow Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser to inject some culture into your ears. Their skill is awe inspiring and will revive your appreciation for such an old and undervalued string instrument.

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Amon Tobin – Esther’s

When up and coming director Charles De Meyer met Amon Tobin he was obsessed with Amon’s Foley Room album, and more specifically the track “Esther’s”. He pitched an idea as a video which he summed up as “invasion of the robots with a romantic twist”.  A delighted Amon infused the visuals with incredible sound design and this mind-blowing video was the result.

(via @thedjtminus)

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