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Mind. Blown.

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Feel the burn. Win a bike.

Puma SPINSTAR is a touring program that finds participants who can last the longest in a spin class, with Puma as the backdrop. The morning program starts as a 2 hr Yoga class, mats are then removed and bikes placed ready for the 5 hr spin class. The winners of each session will receive the Puma Biomega bike and would then be invited to the final competition where the winner of the longest spin-class is crowned Puma SPINSTAR, receiving $15,000 cash along with $5,000 worth of Puma gear.

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Sex line vs. sex line.

Hamish and Andy call two sex lines in this ingenious prank.

If only we had radio shows like this in South Africa.

Semi NSFW – Content

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Nice guys can finish first.

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July 2011 FAIL fest.

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It’s a walk off!

Mono A Mono in El Bano.

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Editing is everything.

Harry Potter recut to look like another drunken teen comedy.

It actually looks like it would be quite good.

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