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A blonde vs. a sphere.

She’s lucky she’s not a hamster.

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Feel Good.

Looping and talent  makes for a great cover.

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Get motivated.

[vimeo w=600h=338]
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Technology, oh the horror!

It seems these days people are increasingly fearful of technology as you can see in this documentary.

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Some things are learned the hard way.

There is something wrong with you if you play this only once.

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Patriotism for Dummies.

Our South African national anthem has now be murdered for a second time. Thanks Ras and Art, you two are a special bunch. As for Art’s excuse of “clamming up”, fuck off, you are a PROFESSIONAL singer, if a big crowd overwhelms you it’s just testament to how unsuccessful your band has been.

Someone needs to make them and any other future singer who is going to sing the national anthem watch this.

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Indian Train Surfing

Planking isn’t the only recent global phenomenon, it seems as if Train Surfing can also claim this prestigious accolade. Both are unbelievable stupid, just for vastly different reasons. If you train surf, your remains may end up planking. Permanently.

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The truth behind the Life of Brian.

Proof that we have a Beatle to thank for making Monty Python’s Life of Brian possible.

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Meanwhile in Buenos Aires…

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A harrowing interview of a homeless crack addict.

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