The state of manhood today.

Gone are the days of men being men. The last real generation of men probably died with our grandfathers. Today men are getting calf implants, hair implants, facelifts and are obsessed with body hair. Don’t get me wrong, I also subscribe to a bit of man-scaping, but this just means that I too am part of the problem.

Today it isn’t just tolerated that a guy wears eyeliner, it is accepted to the point that it is affectionately referred to as guy-liner. Men wear tighter jeans than their girlfriends, or worse yet, they can only find tight enough denims in the female section of their favourite apparel store.

Where will this assault on manhood end? How much more emasculation will men tolerate before there is a proper man-revolution? In the same way that feminists are fighting the way women are portrayed in advertising, men or masculinists should also be against the way we are consuming media. Take the Jean-Paul Gaultier adverts. Sailor, yes, man? NO!

I’m not saying disrespect your woman, nor am I condoning chauvinism, but if the video below doesn’t shock you into feeling like you need to go outside and chop some wood, you should go directly into the bathroom, slap yourself through the face and wash off that guy-liner, ladyboy.

[via @barakco]

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3 thoughts on “The state of manhood today.

  1. Hell yeah! Give that man a Bells! And shoot those ladyboys in the video, please

  2. I have always wanted to be in an Asian boy band

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