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The Facebook Face: Rydeen

Anyone with a Facebook account or access to any form of modern media will know about this youth photographic phenomenon, the Facebook Face. Some people are so good at said face that only their backgrounds and friends seem to change, as in the case of Rydeen…

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Ron van der Ende – Wooden Sculptures

If you are complaining about the cost of art materials, stop. Ron van der Ende, a Dutch artist, uses found pieces of wood to create sculptures of natural and man made objects and structures.

Amazingly he doesn’t repaint a thing, each piece is applied cleverly so that a minimum of reshaping a moulding needs to take place.

A fantastic example of one man’s trash being made into another man’s treasure.

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The fastest and most extreme crash test ever.

South Africans are notorious for drinking and driving. Accidents are a common sight on the roads, we are pretty desensitised to seeing compress cars and the occasional blanket draped over a victim. The main excuse is the lack of decent public transport available to each demographic of South African citizen. Recently things have gotten much better for responsible party goers. Various companies or services are available to get us and our car home safely.

If you are in doubt or still think you are good at driving drunk, this horrific crash test will hopefully scare you into thinking twice.

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The Avengers – Second Teaser

This movie keeps looking better and better!

[via Jack Gorton]

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You are not alone.

This is an import public service announcement for those who are living with First Person Syndrome.

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Juggle and solve a Rubix Cube at the same time, that’s easy.

Prepare to feel inferior.

[via @beanbagboy)

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Crankworx Whistler – Brian Lopes Air Downhill Run

Theres riding a bike and then there’s downhill MTB madness. You’ve got to love GoPro for the first person experience.

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Musical Multitasking.

And I’d be happy with just playing one instrument well…

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Bravo WikiLeaks

What do you do when you have a financial blockade imposed against you by banks? You fight back by parodying MasterCard commercials.

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Unbelievable dubstep dancing.

I never thought I would post Christina Aguilera on my blog, but this guy is too good to not share with you. His dancing and the guy in the second video are so good it looks as if they’ve been edited to the music. Enjoy.


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