Bugs give me the creeps.

Anyone who has been to or lived in Johannesburg will know the much feared Parktown Prawn.

These little buggers are the only insect that fear no man. Instead of scurrying away, they come at you, attacking you with their limbs and an acrid black fluid.

They are entrenched in South African folk lore to the extent that they gave the aliens in District 9 their nickname “Prawns”.

Parktown Prawns have met their match. They are no longer the king of crickets. New Zealand has been hiding a species long considered extinct since rats were introduced to Little Barrier Island by travellers.

If I saw one of these arthropods, I would literally shit myself. With a wingspan of 7 inches and weighing the equivalent of three mice, the Weta Bug is not only the world’s largest bug, but also the insect of nightmares.

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