Playboy makes you feel like a rockstar.

Playboy Argentina came up with this genius online app to promote their issue with model Mariana Diarco. She is notorious for her torrid affairs with rockstars, so they came up with an awesome contest that made you feel like a rockstar yourself. The better you sung, the more your groupie would reveal.

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2 thoughts on “Playboy makes you feel like a rockstar.

  1. hahaha i love it. btw some reason some of the best ads since 2009 came from brazil in my opinion. there on a creative streak. i like the playboy app. boosts the consumers interaction and self esteem. instant successful campaign. and amazing blog btw

    • BlitzMatt says:

      Thank you kind sir! I totally agree about the level of creativity coming out of South America, especially Brazil. Their new WWF and VW campaigns have been amazing.

      I hope you’ll keep coming back for more media and content.

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