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Best guard dog ever.

Who needs a bike chain when you’ve got this guy as your companion!


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Booby Trap!

Imagine you’re just walking down the road, having a chat on your cellphone, perhaps talking about the latest trend or what you did that weekend or maybe the fact that you hate J.Lo’s new fragrance and then bam, your 6 meters underground in the roach ridden darkness.

Sounds fictitious but it’s true.

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Google wants to be in your future.

Introducing Project Glass.

Googles has just announced their augmented reality glasses that will provide users with real-time information right in front of their eyes.

My issue is that generally these “technological” breakthroughs only work in American cities and London. They are not developed to be as regional as their advertising promises.

For example, only half the functions of the iPhones 4S’s Siri work in South Africa because they are disabled outside of the USA. So the big promises of functions like being able to tell your phone that you feel like eating Chinese tonight and it giving you all the local restaurants are only true if you are a Yank.

So if that is the case, what will these glasses do in JHB or Cape Town? Play music? Tell you your location on Google Maps? What’s the point of that when you already probably have a bunch of devices that do that without having you walk around the streets looking like a complete tool.

Look at this chick, she’s smoking hot and can’t pull of these glasses.

If that is the case, imagine Mr. Pudgy Asian IT Guy wearing them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Other peoples pain for your viewing pleasure.

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Kids these days…

Move over Tony Hawk, 12 year-old Tom Schaar has landed a 1080.

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