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Synthesised natural products are the devil.

The ongoing battle between the law and Marijuana has resulted in a bunch of “legal” cannabis products hitting the market. This is what happens when you use them.

I for one, have never lost my mind after smoking a joint. This is just further proof that messing with nature is to our detriment.

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Uncle Merv knows…

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Animation should be impartial.

There is nothing like some sexy 3D animation to help indoctrinate the youth. Jehovahs Whiteness’ are embracing technology and spreading their message virally.

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Doom 3 is coming to the XBox 360

A remastered and extended version of Doom 3 is coming to the 360.

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The worlds largest rope swing.

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Free gaming just made a quantum leap.

The game is called StarFroge. Think Halo, mixed with Minecraft and Star Craft.

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Here is one of those inventions…

One of those inventions that make you say, “it’s so simple I can’t believe nobody has made this yet”.

Durex – Lets get it on.

Pure awesomeness.

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Good ideas take time.

This is amazing, a lifetime in one photo.

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