Mega Mystery

Whether or not you’ve been left scratching your head, confused by the creative retina rape that is the Stimorol: Mega Mystery campaign, I’ll be posting all the videos over the next couple of weeks for your viewing pleasure. I use the word rape loosely, and in this case its too harsh, retina “struggle-snuggle” is a better fit as the visuals are incredibly strange but just as awesome! In the visual vain of the “Tim and Eric Awesome Show”, Stimorol will be rolling out a visually arresting and mind numbing campaign where you, the chewer, will get to decide what the Mega Mystery gum taste like.

So whats the point? The point is to get crazy. So if you vote that it tastes like a sky dive, you may just find yourself chewing nervously at 21 000ft while waiting to throw yourself out of a plane, courtesy of Simorol.

So get clicking on their fan page to enter.

Here is their first winner that voted that it tasted like “Invisibility”. Well done Harry.

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