HTC Skydive or Nosedive

I was watching TV last night and saw a very visually rich mobile commercial, the HTC Skydive. Once I had digested the interesting scenario and wardrobe, I got googling to find out who this Nick Jojola is and why a person I don’t know is endorsing a handset.

You would expect him to be a world famous photographer, or maybe a young YouTube or Flickr phenomenon, but that assumption would be completely wrong. He’s a student. Full stop. End of story.

So my gripe is not that HTC is exposing a new artist/aspiring young talent, and time may prove me to be a complete asshole for complaining about the advert. My problem is that the actual creative promises too much, it pumps up poor young Nick into a league that can only disappoint us the public. They are setting the poor guy up for the fall. And so what if he skydived and took a picture on his HTC? If the other footage of the skydive was shot on an HTC too then it may begin to get impressive, but it wasn’t.

So what are we actually watching here? To me it comes across as a farcical advert about a nobody skydiving with a group of strangely dressed folks, only to take “The Perfect Shot” that hasn’t even been published.

Well done HTC, you’ve promised a lot and proven nothing.

Here’s the Ad:

Here’s the “Documentary”:

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “HTC Skydive or Nosedive

  1. Jabulani says:

    Yes, I do agree that the fact “hero” of the ad is an unknown makes no sense. He’s not an even a bubbling-under, soon-to-break-through or rising-star-in-public-eye (as far as I know). For me, that is the flaw.

  2. For the most part I agree with your rant. But it’s possible that the aim of the creative was to (albeit in a roundabout way) position the benefits of the phone as ‘Making the ordinary, extraordinary’. Hardly a new proposition but perhaps the thinking was that by using an unknown student as opposed to a celebrity / emerging talent, which would have probably pushed the, frankly unnecessary budget to breaking point – they would achieve a degree of “relatability” ie. The power of this phone will make the everyday, unbelievable – for everyone.

    Would be interesting to see what develops on other mediums. Reminds me of the Windows 7 campaign line. “I’m XXXX and windows 7 was my idea” a nice line and insight.

    Either way this is a complete waste of client money and frankly a bit of an insult to consumer intelligence, particularly in this high-end market. I would think something more lifestyle orientated and realistic would be the way to go.

    • BlitzMatt says:

      It’s kinda like the old DVD ads on VHS tapes, you are showing people a picture that is supposedly “Infinitely Better” on an older medium, making the user experience a load of shit. The only thing that would have made that ad good for me was to not let an unknown endorse the spot and for the entire thing to have been shot on an HTC.

      • Agree with you there, just the other day I saw an ad for bluray but I was watching on a cathode ray TV… hardly a taste of what to expect. Shooting it exclusively on an HTC would have been the smart choice definitely (like GoPro did). But I still don’t think the endorsement is the problem. A viral campaign with different “everyday” people filming ordinary things in a unique way can be just as influential as having a 2bit celeb endorsing it… That said, if the celeb was in a bikini…..

      • BlitzMatt says:

        Every ad should feature a Bikini.

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