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Angry People

Look behind the curtain and see the rage that news presenters and other TV personalities suppress while the cameras are rolling.

NSFW – Language

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Mario and Luigi in Vice City

Robot Chicken puts everyones favourite Italian TV game plumbers into the seedy world of Grant Theft Auto’s Vice City.

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3D chalk time-lapse.

A 2D character gets the 3D treatment.

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The desperate German supermarket.

They offered $320 to anyone who shopped naked, 300 people and some other colourful characters showed up. So basically everyone became a stripper for the duration of a shop for $320 of free shit.

Everyone has a price.

NSFW – Nudity

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Shoplifters are pussies.

You’re mommy can’t help you now.

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Paris should stick to porno.

The only thing that is good about Paris’s DJ performance is that she actually proves that DJ’ing takes some skill, of which she has none.

Here’s her climactic moment where she drops her new track with Afrojack “Last Night”. She accidentally plays a Rihanna song, and tries to recover by drowning it out with her horrible singing.

Notice how suddenly, without her touching the mixer her song fades in. This means one of two things, she premixed her set (incredibly badly) or someone else has control of her master out and quickly saved her performance by fading the correct track in from backstage.

As the Milli Vanilli of DJ’s, Paris, please stick to what your good at; being impaled by Rick Solomon’s manhood in night vision mode.

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The worlds smallest car chase.

Don’t you love it when ideas transcend conventional mediums and make you simply go WOW!

[vimeo w=600h=338]
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The best prank ever!

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The worst breath in the world.

Ogilvy Paris take flash mobs to the next level.

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The mother of all catfights.

These chicks are all class.

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