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Mountain luge looks awesome!

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Massive rope swing FAIL!

This had FAIL written all over it from the start, notice how he’s swinging over water with his iPod and headphones.

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Will Smith getting retro.

Will Smith and Gary Barlow perform the Fresh Prince theme on the Graham Norton Show.

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The worst movie death scene, ever!

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The worlds raddest Dad sends his sons train to space.

On Aug 24th 2012 a little boy’s favourite train got sent to space. “Stanley” was sent with a HD camera and a cellphone so they could recover it using GPS.

I hope you also love this rare, heartfelt YouTube video.

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Bees playing poker.

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Unreal, real candy.

Love this! Finally a food company doing something right.

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Redneck playground.

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First Person view of a gunfight in Afghanistan

Although he was hit, this soldier was saved by his body armour. He got out without a single injury.

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Like a boss!

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