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Stanley Kubrick – Perspective Montage

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Theatre of WTF

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Break Arm Wrestling

A beefy guy breaks his arm while arm wrestling on TV. This is not recommended if you are squeamish.

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Mike Tyson shadow boxing destruction.

This is apparently Mike Tyson at 15, regardless of how old he is the man’s speed is scary as hell.

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Yoga Boner

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Animatronics Showreel 2012

Gustav Hoegen’s Showreel 2012 will amaze you!

I figured that most of these scenes were CGI, it’s nice to see robots are alive and well in film.

Can you name all the movies?

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How to pick up a girl at the gym.

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A lost GoPro captures a small adventure.

A paddle boarder lost her GoPro when she fell.

She miraculously found it again after searching the nearby tidal pools at low tide. The GoPro kept rolling and captured its own little adventure.

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I can’t stop watching this.


Yes, now you have seen everthing.

The internet has just peaked, my apologies. Cancel your contract.

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