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The Platypus is a strange creature.

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A relay of midgets against a Camel.

As funny as this is, it’s still 4 midgets racing a camel, I pity the human race.

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A Helicopter crash in HD.

I can’t believe this pilot managed to walk away!

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First world problems…

I challenge you to try and take “Tommy’s” gripe seriously.

[via @JennaJayLange]

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“American” is not English.

Never correct a talk show host. Ever.

Well done Conan!

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Real Life Prison.

In an attempt to get an early release an inmate managed to sneak a camera into prison, after filming for 6 months he collected enough footage to make a documentary from it.

Smack my bitch up, kitty style.

This is the greatest music video parody of all time!

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