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Did I win?

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This just put me off Hot Dogs.

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Who put this dick on my back?

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Dashboard Cam Crash – NSFW

NB! – Turn your headphones down or you may go deaf.

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A relay of midgets against a Camel.

As funny as this is, it’s still 4 midgets racing a camel, I pity the human race.

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A Helicopter crash in HD.

I can’t believe this pilot managed to walk away!

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Some FAIL to brighten up your Thursday.

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He’s just a Koala, having a wank.

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Now this is REAL hip-hop.

Learn hip-hop dancing from a lady that’s pure vanilla. Take notes kids, she’s going to talk to you about posture, style, pose, attitude and most importantly, outfits!

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Fair Play

A player was injured so Ajax kicked the ball out of play but accidentally kicked it in the opponent’s goal. Ajax then gracefully stand by as they allow the team to even the score.

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