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This just put me off Hot Dogs.

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Unreal, real candy.

Love this! Finally a food company doing something right.

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James May vs. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon challenges James to some manly cuisine. They take on booze with snakes in it, a bulls cock and rotten shark.

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Chinese Self Freezing Coke.

We all know Coke isn’t the greatest thing in the world for us, but this new Chinese variant must be even more harmful because of the freezing agent.


According to a YouTube comment, “all this is is that the coke is cooled below freezing inside the machine however because there are no nucleating particles it doesn’t turn solid, however when you flip it upside down the air bubbles become nucleators and cause it to freeze.”

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The desperate German supermarket.

They offered $320 to anyone who shopped naked, 300 people and some other colourful characters showed up. So basically everyone became a stripper for the duration of a shop for $320 of free shit.

Everyone has a price.

NSFW – Nudity

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Fresh Guacamole by PES

I’ve loved this guy’s work for ages. Here’s his new piece.

Here’s his original joint, Roof Sex.

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The electricity generating camp stove.

BioLite. Great product, kak video.

Crafty beers.

The world has been taken by storm in a craze of micro brewery madness. With the emergence of limited production ales and lagers, labelled “craft beers”, drinkers are blessed with choices beyond the licensed offerings of monolithic breweries.

BrewDog, the creators of some of the worlds most interesting beers, like “Sink the Bismarck”, which was previously the worlds strongest beer as well as a bunch of other cleverly titled offerings. One of their most notable offerings is one from 2010 called “The End of History”. This beer delivers a whopping 55 percent alcohol by volume and carried a $765 price tag.

[vimeo w=600h=338]


As potent as this beer is, I can’t help but feel that the squirrel that insulates its bottle is a macabre publicity stunt. But hey, it got them international acclaim and gave the world one of the strangest things you could put to their lips.

Here are some of their other brilliantly titled beers:

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Sink the Bismarck!

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