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Something strange in the sky.

A serious close up of a meteorite burning up in the sky.


Here’s another angle for all you nay sayers.

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The Platypus is a strange creature.

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He’s just a Koala, having a wank.

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Do you know how to poo?

Standford University has conducted a study that compares the benifits of sitting on the loo versus squatting. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong…

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The Icicle of Death

By now we are all used to the BBC spending months, if not years, capturing incredibly rare moments in nature. This clip is no exception.

This is the first time a “brinicle” has ever been captured on film. In Antarctica, the crew used stop motion cameras to film an ice formation that snakes its way down from the surface when temparatures fall below zero. When it touches the ocean bed it instatly freezes anything it contacts. Starfish, anemonies, urchins and barnicles suffer an instataneous icy death.

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New Zealand sheep.

The sheep in New Zealand have evolved a completely different call. I’m not surprised at all.

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Mars Curiosity Descent in HD

This video was produced by Bard Canning.

He enhanced the video from NASA, upresing it and colour correcting it, chaging it from its original 4 fps to 30 fps. This video plays real-time at the speed that Curiosity descended to the surface of Mars on August 6, 2012.

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An underwater nuclear test.

From the new HD version of Atomic Filmmakers – Hollywood’s Top Secret Film Studio, here are two nuclear tests called Wahoo and Umbrella, which were documented by Pat Bradley. This is his account of the experience.

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I hate rich people.

There is a yachting and then there is this…

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Tarantula Moult Time Lapse

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