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Never underestimate the power of a comma.

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The power of suggestion.

Jimmy Kimmel’s team hit the streets to see what people think of the new iPhone 5, except the phone they are looking at is the iPhone 4s.

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The entire Mars Curiosity descent in HD

One day, on a road in Russia…

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Less is more.

Anyone who has heard the NBC nauseatingly patriotic commentary on the Olympics will agree that they need to exercise a little bit of the BBC’s restraint.

[vimeo w=600h=338]
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Olympic Info Graphic

So the 5 Olympic rings represent the 5 continents… Well some clever designer type made an info graphic using the size of the rings to reflect the difference between the continents.

Very clever, cool and sobering in some cases.

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Chinese Self Freezing Coke.

We all know Coke isn’t the greatest thing in the world for us, but this new Chinese variant must be even more harmful because of the freezing agent.


According to a YouTube comment, “all this is is that the coke is cooled below freezing inside the machine however because there are no nucleating particles it doesn’t turn solid, however when you flip it upside down the air bubbles become nucleators and cause it to freeze.”

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How not to stage police brutality.

Some Russian idiot head butts the dash in a cop car in the hopes of crying foul play.

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UFO sighting in June 2012

This video claims to be a montage of UFO sighting from June 2012, fake or not some of the clips are pretty interesting.

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More reporter FAIL!

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