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A lost GoPro captures a small adventure.

A paddle boarder lost her GoPro when she fell.

She miraculously found it again after searching the nearby tidal pools at low tide. The GoPro kept rolling and captured its own little adventure.

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Bees playing poker.

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Rubber Bands vs. Watermelon

The Slow Mo Guys show us how to cut a watermelon open with rubber bands. Just incase you end up in a situation where you have a shit load of rubber bands and no knife, cos that happens often.

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The greatest hot air balloon, ever.

Star Wars is still relevant, even though the first movie was made in the 70’s. Luckily the franchise bastardisation that we know as the prequels didn’t kill the greatest villain ever created.

Darth Vader, although heavily asthmatic, is still unbelievably cool. Here’s a hot air balloon to prove it.

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Night and Day

I wish I knew who to credit, cos this is awesome!

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Good ideas take time.

This is amazing, a lifetime in one photo.

Retro High School: LIFE 1969

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