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Did I win?

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Kloof Nek madness.

Maybe I’m a little biased about this video because I drive this road almost daily. This video doesn’t do Kloof Nek Road’s steepness justice, enough for the downhill boarder to gather enough speed to set the speed camera off halfway down. Lets hope the guy filming masked his license plate.

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The best reaction ever!

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A relay of midgets against a Camel.

As funny as this is, it’s still 4 midgets racing a camel, I pity the human race.

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Fair Play

A player was injured so Ajax kicked the ball out of play but accidentally kicked it in the opponent’s goal. Ajax then gracefully stand by as they allow the team to even the score.

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Ibrahimovic’s bicycle goal.

Sweden vs England (14-11-2012)

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Red Bull’s Athlete Machine

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Break Arm Wrestling

A beefy guy breaks his arm while arm wrestling on TV. This is not recommended if you are squeamish.

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Mike Tyson shadow boxing destruction.

This is apparently Mike Tyson at 15, regardless of how old he is the man’s speed is scary as hell.

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How to pick up a girl at the gym.

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