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Theatre of WTF

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WARNING: This clip is not a sex video or porn, but there is an incredibly aroused turtle and some hilarious commentary.

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Rubber Bands vs. Watermelon

The Slow Mo Guys show us how to cut a watermelon open with rubber bands. Just incase you end up in a situation where you have a shit load of rubber bands and no knife, cos that happens often.

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UFO sighting in June 2012

This video claims to be a montage of UFO sighting from June 2012, fake or not some of the clips are pretty interesting.

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Weird spitting lady.

Reporters are constantly out in the field trying to get the latest story, every now and again they land some unexpected broadcasting gold.

This guy was trying to do his piece when a crazy lady interrupted his broadcast…

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The worlds biggest booger.

NSFW – Don’t watch this if you are a puker.

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This is pretty amazing, here’s a male to female hormone replacement therapy transition over 2 years.

I get the fact that some people cannot identify themselves with the gender they are born with, but I can’t help but feel that these sort of transitions are incredibly drastic, and at what cost? Considering that we are so concerned about hormones in our food and how that effects our health, imagine what the long term effects of gender-bending hormones must be?

The video is crazy though, and definitely worth watching.

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Bugs give me the creeps.

Anyone who has been to or lived in Johannesburg will know the much feared Parktown Prawn.

These little buggers are the only insect that fear no man. Instead of scurrying away, they come at you, attacking you with their limbs and an acrid black fluid.

They are entrenched in South African folk lore to the extent that they gave the aliens in District 9 their nickname “Prawns”.

Parktown Prawns have met their match. They are no longer the king of crickets. New Zealand has been hiding a species long considered extinct since rats were introduced to Little Barrier Island by travellers.

If I saw one of these arthropods, I would literally shit myself. With a wingspan of 7 inches and weighing the equivalent of three mice, the Weta Bug is not only the world’s largest bug, but also the insect of nightmares.

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Social Media gives morons a voice.

The conversation I had with an aggressive fool from Colorado today made me cry with laughter. This dude is incredibly special, feel free to send @Gipackgetatme some love, because this dude needs it badly.

This is how the conversation went down.

Somebody, give the man a Pulitzer. Make sure you check out his feed for other, incredibly special comments.

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Chinese Dragon Breath

This is unbelievably strange, I have no idea how this dude does this.

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