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The best reaction ever!

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My body hurts from laughing so much.

AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!! Steve-O presents a Karaoke show where contestants try their best to stay focussed. Only in America…

Felix’s Wold Record Jump

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Dance your way to a tasty beverage.

Coke keeps the fun coming with their latest ambient Happiness vending machine. All you need to do is dance and interact with someone else, and if you do a good enough job you get two free Cokes as a reward.

I’m not here.

Regular services will resume on Friday.

People Are Awesome!

Fuck the norms, I have massive respect for people who break ground in anything, especially sport. Here’s a montage of people that have pushed their physical ability beyond convention. Achieving the impossible.

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What happens in Cannes…


Recently, a small group of King Jamers headed off to Cannes for the ad festival. Rather than stay in individual hotel rooms it was decided to accommodate the five of us boys in a three-roomed apartment on Rue d’ Antibes. Three of us arrived on the Sunday and proceeded straight to a bar just off the Croissette. The other two, Matt Ross and Michael Udell, were due to arrive early the next morning. The afternoon progressed much as it always does in Cannes; one Kronenberg 1664 at a time.

Later that evening, after a significant amount of summer drinking, the three of us arrived back at the apartment all worse for wear but in considerably good spirits. Dev and Biggles headed off to the bedroom they were sharing and I stood admiring Matt and Mike’s room as I brushed my teeth. It was an adequate sized room for two, with…

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The Human Catapult.

Soon to be seen on the US border…

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An amazing Star Wars poster exhibition.

Logan Broadley

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