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Ravi, the worlds most talented virgin.

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Something strange in the sky.

A serious close up of a meteorite burning up in the sky.


Here’s another angle for all you nay sayers.

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Drummers always get the girls.

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Kloof Nek madness.

Maybe I’m a little biased about this video because I drive this road almost daily. This video doesn’t do Kloof Nek Road’s steepness justice, enough for the downhill boarder to gather enough speed to set the speed camera off halfway down. Lets hope the guy filming masked his license plate.

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The best reaction ever!

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The Borderands 2 orgasm.

A glitch makes a bunch of games lose their minds! Make sure you can hear their comments.

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Fair Play

A player was injured so Ajax kicked the ball out of play but accidentally kicked it in the opponent’s goal. Ajax then gracefully stand by as they allow the team to even the score.

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Get inspired by a 15 year old.

Kevin Doe, a 15 year old from Sierra Leone, is a self-taught inventor who has created batteries, generators and transmitters that are good enough for him to be able to broadcast his own radio show.

MIT has recently invited him to join their “Visiting Practitioner’s Program”, making him the youngest person ever to receive this honour.

If anyone can inspire you, its this kid.

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A foolproof way to get through a roadblock.

Who knew? It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for roadblocks!

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Ibrahimovic’s bicycle goal.

Sweden vs England (14-11-2012)

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