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This just put me off Hot Dogs.

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Dashboard Cam Crash – NSFW

NB! – Turn your headphones down or you may go deaf.

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FAIL Mitzvah

So you’re celebrating your son becoming a man and then he goes and does this.

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The worst tattoo, ever.

NSFW – Content

This chick is all class, I’d love to take her home to meet my parents.

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WARNING: This clip is not a sex video or porn, but there is an incredibly aroused turtle and some hilarious commentary.

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When life gives you lemons, make a porno.

Here’s a semi safe for work (language) intro to some porno that has such a rich script that I’ve realised that if copywriting fails me I can always go into writing adult entertainment scenes.

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The choir of the Aged.

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The better marriage blanket

Believe it, this product exists.

(sorry about the shaky video)

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Wacky Wine entertainment.

Move over David Hasselhoff, this guy is pure quality. Somebody give him a recording contract, immediately!

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Playing guitar is piss.

From the fly decal to a guitar urinal, it seems that companies are going to great lengths to make sure men aim well.

Stranger still, you can log onto a mobile site an listen to recordings of other peoples bladder music.

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