The Platypus is a strange creature.

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A relay of midgets against a Camel.

As funny as this is, it’s still 4 midgets racing a camel, I pity the human race.

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A Helicopter crash in HD.

I can’t believe this pilot managed to walk away!

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First world problems…

I challenge you to try and take “Tommy’s” gripe seriously.

[via @JennaJayLange]

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“American” is not English.

Never correct a talk show host. Ever.

Well done Conan!

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Real Life Prison.

In an attempt to get an early release an inmate managed to sneak a camera into prison, after filming for 6 months he collected enough footage to make a documentary from it.

Smack my bitch up, kitty style.

This is the greatest music video parody of all time!

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Some FAIL to brighten up your Thursday.

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He’s just a Koala, having a wank.

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Watch the LEGO version of Lord of the Rings

Got some time on your hands? Someone combined all the cut scenes from the LEGO Lord of the Rings game in one movie. It’s surprisingly funny and well put together. Enjoy!

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