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Dashboard Cam Crash – NSFW

NB! – Turn your headphones down or you may go deaf.

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Changing lanes like a boss!

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Jeb Corliss eating Table Mountain

Here’s a new video with all the possible angles of Jeb Corliss’s Table Mountain crash.

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Jeb Corliss crashes into Table Mountain

Jeb Corliss, the presenter of Stunk Junkies on Discovery Channel, survives a Base Jumping crash caused by him clipping Table Mountain. He is notorious for performing illegal jumps, most notably he’s known for his arrest and incarceration for trying to jump off The Empire State Building. His jump off Table Mountain was also illegal and he will face legal action once he’s recovered from his accident.

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A first person view of a Sky Diving horror.

They say most Sky Diving accidents happen when jumpers get too confident in their abilities, performing stunts that either injure or kill them. Most Sky Diving deaths occur due to pilot error, not failed equipment.

This harrowing video shows a group of guys messing around once their canopies are open. They get too close to each other and the worst happens.

Although he escaped with his life, the jumper is a quadriplegic and as he put it in his YouTube post, “Stupid hurts”.

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Insurance scam FAIL

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Great anti-speeding Advert and an awesome retort.

Here is the original:


Here is the retort:

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