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Did I win?

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Some FAIL to brighten up your Thursday.

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Bye, bye job!

Some douche bag employees of Walmart filming themselves treating stock like shit.

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The strangest video ever put on YouTube.

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Bomb dropping a frozen pool.

What could possibly go wrong?

NSFW – Language

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Demolition FAIL!

This could only happen in a place called Springfield.

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Massive rope swing FAIL!

This had FAIL written all over it from the start, notice how he’s swinging over water with his iPod and headphones.

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Like a BOSS!

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A revving car ploughs into its spectators.

This happened at this weekends Inner City American Muscle car show in Cape Town’s Heritage Square. There were apparently 6 injured, one hospitalised and the rest were treated on the scene. Luckily there is a hospital across the road.

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