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Something strange in the sky.

A serious close up of a meteorite burning up in the sky.


Here’s another angle for all you nay sayers.

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Only in Russia.

I thought some of the sights we see in Africa were classic, until I saw this montage of Russian genius (or lack thereof).

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One day, on a road in Russia…

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The most hardcore rat ever.

Russian cats are pussies.

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Massive oil tank explosion

Just wait for the shockwave.

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Only in Russia!

Dare I say this band is going places?

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Russian legends!

These dudes decided to take it upon themselves to make sure that Putin connects with a younger female audience. Although the connection is vague, their justification for getting to “connect” with this many females worked seamlessly, with almost no slaps in sight!

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Russians going off to Enter Sandman

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s had a couple of albums that seemed to be a music staple. There was Ace of Base – The Sign (though most would deny owning this album), Nirvana – Nevermind, Vanilla Ice – To The Extreme, Offspring – Smash, Greenday – Dookie and last but certainly not least, Metallica – Black.

I managed to see Metallica live in the early 2000’s. I had long since stopped listening to them and found myself being ear raped by hard metal, waiting in agony for classics like Enter Sandman to be played.

So in homage to the pre-Napster murdering Metallica, from a time when Russian actually bought their music, here is their 1991 Enter Sandman performance.

How massive is the crowd!?

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