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Social Media gives morons a voice.

The conversation I had with an aggressive fool from Colorado today made me cry with laughter. This dude is incredibly special, feel free to send @Gipackgetatme some love, because this dude needs it badly.

This is how the conversation went down.

Somebody, give the man a Pulitzer. Make sure you check out his feed for other, incredibly special comments.

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The November FAIL Fest!

Scrotum puckering pain for your viewing pleasure.

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Chinese Dragon Breath

This is unbelievably strange, I have no idea how this dude does this.

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The Little Printer

If only this were already available, it would make my Christmas stocking wish list for sure.

[vimeo w=600h=338]
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Coming soon to a rave near you.

Laserman’s show at Disney California

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Hey kids, stay away from Pedobear.

Any normal person will completely agree with the need to protect innocent children from predators, but this sensational media piece i so misguided. Pedo Bear is another online shock Meme that has lost its meaning in the media and is being sensationalised as a predators tool.

I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous this report is.

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The Taekwondo Shuffle

At first it just seems like another “Body Rock” routine, then they start breaking planks…

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Electic Ocean invented the interweb.

These guys are legends. Whether they were waiting for their dye to set or driving their Opel Cadette convertible with the top down, they were always connected.

Watch in awe, this is what it is to be truly future focussed and creative.

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Parkour FAIL!

It was almost bye bye bollocks.

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How theme park staff get their kicks.

The action starts at 1:53.

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