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Olympic Info Graphic

So the 5 Olympic rings represent the 5 continents… Well some clever designer type made an info graphic using the size of the rings to reflect the difference between the continents.

Very clever, cool and sobering in some cases.

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Contortionists are so… whoa!

At first I wasn’t that impressed, and then she did this…

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Fracking Hell, you can light your tap water!

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The most hardcore rat ever.

Russian cats are pussies.

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Olympic Parents

An American gymnasts parents show their commitment during their daughters routine. They literally look like they are riding a roller coaster.


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WARNING: This clip is not a sex video or porn, but there is an incredibly aroused turtle and some hilarious commentary.

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Life Hacks – Part 1

We live in a world where we are losing touch with simple tricks to solve every-day problems, we’ve been trained to look for purpose built products with marketing campaigns that brainwash us into thinking that they are the only fix.

Here’s a clip that filled with simple solutions to annoyances that most of us have come across.

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Michael Caine does Michael Caine

Michael Caine is one of the most impersonated actors voices. Parkinson asks him to do some impressions of his own.

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Chinese Self Freezing Coke.

We all know Coke isn’t the greatest thing in the world for us, but this new Chinese variant must be even more harmful because of the freezing agent.


According to a YouTube comment, “all this is is that the coke is cooled below freezing inside the machine however because there are no nucleating particles it doesn’t turn solid, however when you flip it upside down the air bubbles become nucleators and cause it to freeze.”

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Rubber Bands vs. Watermelon

The Slow Mo Guys show us how to cut a watermelon open with rubber bands. Just incase you end up in a situation where you have a shit load of rubber bands and no knife, cos that happens often.

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